「good wave」stainless steel necklace - SAYURIに捧げる

  • $50.00

11-73 was my mom's license plate number in japan. in japanese it would essentially spell out "ii(11)" "na(7)mi(3)" her company "good wave". she passed away in 2012 and this necklace was made in remembrance of her. the opposite side of the necklace are the 3 cat heads.

🌸SAYURIに捧げる🌸 2012年 12月27日 4時10分 ~ いつもさーりの事考えて一生忘れないよ。
  • 75cm Stainless Steel Chain
  • Gold/Silver/Black/Rainbow
  • (rainbow colors vary)
  • Chain color will match pendant color
  • Stainless Steel 316 pendant
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