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Love the product! As advertised.

This image and phrase haunted my soul (in a good way) for about 2 months before I ordered the keychain. I love it so much, the rubber is a good quality, and the stamp/color is fantastic and not likely to wear out quickly. Only drawback is the small metal ring that connects the clip/keychain to the rubber is very weak/flimsy and easily disconnects from the rubber piece in my pocket. I have since replaced it, but that is my only complaint.


I absolutely am in love with this sticker and quite frankly this entire brand! Super easy to apply, completely waterproof, and great holographic detail! I can’t wait for my next ones to arrive :3

Love this plate frame!!

The frame is just as pictured, I love it so much!! It makes me so happy when I see it on my car :)

always tired v2.0 - license plate frame (black/oil slick)

Love it!

Now that the design has been flipped to hang right way up, I bought two as promised. They're great! I have one of them on my jacket and it adds the perfect pop to it.

Love this cap

It just as i expected it to be fits great and the craftsmanship is awesome!

Cute and useful to practice memorizing kana

It's really cute and I love the asthetic

inspiring quote - sugoi (decal)

Quality keychain, every character is clear

I was skeptical of the warning that the characters might not come out as depicted in the original pictures. I had no reason to doubt- the keychain awesome. Every character is clear- I could probably use this to cheat on a test…

Another 5 star product

It's just good quality.

Super cute!

Super cute plate for a sleep deprived new mom! Wasn’t thinking properly and forgot to get a second so I can have matching plate frames for the front and back so will be purchasing a second!

Love it!

I would like to order more of them.
Possibly with permission use as a tattoo.🤣


Mine came with the cat having a string coming out of it and it ruins the look stitching is off any thoughts on how I can fix this? Can send a pic too


I absolutely love this license plate frame, it's so pretty and looks beautiful in any lighting! I love that it changes colors so much. going to get a second one for the front plate too

always tired ACRYLIC ~ license plate frame


Very clean

IRIDESCENT DRIP 💧 ~ license plate frame


I’m not Japanese so I cut it out lmao. but I love this decal

dead tired long kitty ~ REFLECTIVE (flight tag)

High Quality! In Love!

Quality of keychain much better than expected. Will be using this as I learn hiragana and katakana. Thank you so much!

my favorite frame

the iridescent coloring is beautiful, especially in sunlight, and the acrylic is sturdy! it came packaged well, in a timely matter, and I truly love it. will definitely shop here again <3

always tired v2.0 CRYSTAL - license plate frame (black/crystal)

Coin is Dope!

The quality of the item is extremely high. It's weighty and the design is perfect. Well worth the price if you're into these collectibles.