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Great Gifts

The quality of the items were great, items got to me super fast and the people I gave it to as gifts truly liked them! 5/5 B)

hungy boi chonkachu (decal)

Great quality!!

Great quality at a good price very happy with the product


For the crowd that doesn't always know exactly what they want, the random minis is great for decorating small appliances like hydros or computers. All the stickers on tcd are nice so I have no worries about whether I'll like the choices or not.

sleepy corp classic (decal)

Great lanyard for cons!

I plan to use this for all the future conventions I go to! Came in so handy with that bottle opener. Only downside is the orientation of the clip. Badges tend to face sideways instead of front but not the biggest deal. Just requires an extra clip

very cute and good

「good wave」stainless steel necklace - SAYURIに捧げる


never a problem and I know how hard it must be.


ビール bottle cap (necklace)

Fantastic lanyard

It's design and art cannot be beat!


These decals are super cute and high quality

mom said i can't speed (lanyard)

mom said i can't speed (lanyard)

Just like my mom would say (i got a ticket for going 100 mph)

Amazing Hoodie!

Love this hoodie so much. The embroidery is impeccable and the design is just so amazing. I can’t wait for future releases especially a dead tired boi hoodie to match the anxiety cat lol. Decals are always great too. Never had a problem with them not peeling.

Awesome Sticker

Easy to apply and the holographic effect was very clean looking.

So sick so useful

Good quality. Looks sleek. Makes carrying car keys easier. What more do you want.

Super sick lanyard, clip kinda lame tho

The lanyard is awesome, the material is amazing. But the clip that opens the loop kinda sucks. I think if would be better if is was just solid strap with no clip

(basics) ~ distressed dad hat ~ preorder

Sleep deprived sticker - mint

A really good sticker. It came packaged up with the licence plate cover i bpught as well as an extra sticker collage that came with the purchase. Its a good material, and has stood up to the sun, wind, rain, and snow just fine so far!

MSICS Licence plate frame

Been absolutely great. It came packaged nice and neat along with a sticker i bought and an extra lil sticker collage that came with the purchase. Its been great so far and has held up to the rain, sun, and snow just fine so far!


I know I'm writing this review 😆. Always quality from TCD!


Funny and well made