triple cat deluxe is ran by one person, me (photo above)! my name is blake, i am half japanese (mom side) & half white (dad side). i technically started tcd on the tail end of december 2016, but decided to have the official date be the 3rd of january 2017, because “triple” & “3” made sense :)

i never really wanted to make a bio about myself bc i never really wanted to be in the spotlight, i just prefer my work to speak for itself. however, i decided to make this little excerpt to further legitimize my brand, and gain trust of some people who might think this is just a random company looking for a quick money grab, which is far from the truth. i am a real human, and i care so much about everything i make & the people who purchase those things from my shop.




the name 'triple cat deluxe' was coined after messing around inside of adobe illustrator and coming up with the triple cat crown logo (very top of website, looks like 3 cats interconnected with each other). i started tcd as an outlet to make stuff that i wanted to make, and a majority of it has a bent towards japanese culture, anime, manga, as well as a touch of personal things that i struggle with (always tired, anxiety, depression, etc.)



i strive for quality & excellence in all aspects of my brand, from design to product quality to customer service. i take my work seriously, but also don’t take it seriously, if that makes sense; i love making high quality dumb stuff. just take a look at most of my stuff, and you’ll understand :)

if you don’t like my stuff, cool, i still love you 😘. if you do, great! i love you too 🥰. i truly just want to make things that i enjoy, with the hope that other people will find enjoyment in it too, and that it makes their day a little better.

whether you're new to my brand, been here since the beginning, or somewhere in between, know that i appreciate your love & support of all the stuff i make. 🖤🐈🐈🐈🖤

dedicated to sayuri ohama (mom) 

2012年 12月27日 4時10分 ~ いつもさーりの事考えて一生忘れないよ。

p.s. if you see any designs with "1173" that number was my mom's license plate number in japan. in japanese it would essentially spell out "ii(11)" "na(7)mi(3)" her company "good wave". she passed away from colon cancer in 2012 and i use that number in rememberance of her. [the "neko bus" lapel pin is acutally based off the car she owned (suzuki every) and you'll notice 1173 on the license plate]

-if you made it all the way down here, thanks for taking the time to read 😸